“Jehovah the Sovereign God through our Lord Jesus Christ will guard you from stumbling and present you before His glorious presence with out fault /flaw and with great joy”.Amen.
(Amalgamated from different English translation-but I prefer the one-Tamil King James version.)
Why is this word very special to me?
Adam and Eve were thrown out of Garden of Eden.
Cain became a murderer by killing his own brother out of jealous.
Moses could not enter into Canaan due to his anger.
Uzzah died suddenly by touching the box of covanent.
Solomon’s wisdom did not save him, even amidst writing three wonderful books in Holy Bible.
People who shouted Hosanna were not present to witness the scenes of Calvary the next week.
Jesus’ sacrifice in the Calvary brings plenty of ‘GRACE’ towards humanity for salvation.Even amidst such abundance of Grace, in His second coming, one man in the field will be saved and the other man will be unsaved.
Even if I jump 99.999 percent diameter of a well , what is the use?
Therefore,I will run the race with 100 percent assurance to win.I fight thus-not beating the air(1st Corinthians 9:26).
For this very purpose you and I need this promise.
Life and death are in the command of our tongue.(Proverbs 18:21).

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