Recently,an entrepreneur who was very famous in manufacturing a sweet (HALWA) in South India commited suicide, since he proved positive for corona virus.

Corona virus didn’t kill him, but the fear over the disease killed him.People who attained fame in one sphere did not get the needed courage to live.O Children of God, you try to live under divine protection.

God’s words are equivalent to God.They are very powerful. Believe in them and get the needed

protection from the Cross.The resurrection power of Jesus will quicken you certainly.

1)First of all,you claim God’s promise given in Psalm 91: 7.”A thousand may fall at YOUR side, ten thousand at YOUR right hand, but it will not come near YOU”. You proclaim God’s promise meant for you by replacing the words “YOUR” by “MY” and “YOU” as “ME”.

2)The second promise you have to claim and confess by your mouth is: ” Because I have made the Lord Jesus who is my refuge,even the most high my habitation, there shall no evil befall me,neither shall any plague (including COVID- 19) come near my dwelling(After Psalm 91: 9 & 10 ).

When we confess,the word of God starts working.It is not the confession of sin, but it is the confession of faith.It is the confession of God’s promise made specifically towards me(REMA).

3)The knowledge of this virus by the medical fraternity and the National Leaders was very poor five months before and hence it is easier for the doctors to take care of my problem right now.(At the begining of the outbreak one National Leader commented that it was just immuity deficiency related problem).Nations rush to make ventilators and ICU set ups to handle critically ill patients-before knowing the role of blood clot in this disease.

4)Thank God,after finding the use of Aspirin,Dexamethasone and the only effective antiviral drug- Favipiravir(FABIFLU),the medication charges for one patient has been reduced to Rs 12000/(Less than 160 US $ per patient for 13 days of treatment),the present death rate of 5.06 percent of covid positive patient will come down to almost nil in the days to come.So no need of worry and no need of suicide out of fear.Remember,as on 25/6/2020 only a fraction of global population(0.125 percent) is affected by covid-19.

5)The virus affected the urban population much.In USA,New York and New Jersey were the States severely affected.Similrly in India,13 cities in 4 States accounted for majority (83.63 percent )of covid cases.Therefore,rest of the population can dwell with ease but with utmost vigil.

Fear was the weapon satan used in Job’s life to destroy his family members-vide Job 3:25). “Fear not”

is mentioned in the Bible 365 times.This should be more than enough to keep you fearless through out the year.

Don’t talk negative things about death/corona virus-because our words matter for God to act(Proverbs 18:21).Amen & Amen.


If you have lack of knoledge in seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness first, you will be wanting in all your needs, poor health,lack of success in your work/job, scarcity in all your resources and lack of prosperity in your life (After Matthews 6:33).

Therefore give priority to the Lord Jesus and His work, and your capacity will automatically grow with God’s blessing.Our Lord will start blessing all your work abundantly and fulfill His promise.

You should not have lack of knowledge regarding your diet and dressing.Take nutritious diet and your dressing code should be equivalent to that of King’s people.You are children of the King of Kings.If you dwell before the Lord Jesus always,you will eat sufficiently and wear durable clothings (After Isaiah 23:18).

Plenty of Christian families are destroyed due to lack of knowledge in nutrition.A poultry layer unit owner died out of heart attack, because he regularly took slightly damaged hen’s eggs,to avoid wastage.Hen’s egg yolk (yellow portion) contains very high level of cholesterol- ultimately leading to heart attack.

Daniel and his team preferred vegetarian diet(Daniel 1:12).Avoid wine.Prefer tea rather than coffee.Green tea with lemon will keep you slim.Kudampuli- a sour spice used in curry making by Keralites,(Garcinia campogia)has the potential to reduce the triglyceride level of your blood.This in turn keeps you away from heart attack and avoid obesity.

Avoid smoking and use of tobacco.Saturated fatty acids rich oil sources(Eg. Palm oil and Coconut oil) are not at all good for cooking purpose and for people with heart problem.Virgin olive oil is good but costly.Soy bean oil is good for health.Safflower oil blended with corn oil is good for heart patients as well for family people.Safflower oil is rich in omega 6 fatty acids.

Take as much as possible the sardines and herrings (only in curry form and not in deep fried form),which are cheap,small in size but blessed with omega 3 fatty acids,which are very essential for our health.Flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and provide n6:n3 ratio of around 0.3:1.But flax seeds are costly.

Fiber rich food items are always good.Take wheat based food items.Add little quantity of fenugreek in your diet,because it is rich in soluble fiber.Avoid maida based food items like white bread and parotta/parantha.Take plenty of low calories fruits.Bible teaches us not to take too much oil in diet.

One of the three sins of Sodom is “Over feeding”(Ezekial 16:49 &50).Over feedig will lead to abundance of idleness. Idle mind is devil’s workshop.Avoid carbonated drinks.Taking carbonated drinks lead to obesity.Avoid taking snacks rich in oil in bulk quntities,to avoid obesity

Followed by frequent fasting,the heavy dinner taken will lead to obesity and belly development.Exercise will reduce the fatty layers of the belly.Early morning meditation is always good.The Bridegroom is always with us.

If you lead a Christ centered life with your spouse,she will be like a spiritual fruit bearing tree and your children like young olive trees adjacent to the living streams and will bring peace of mind and plenty of blessings to you (After Psalms 128:3).

If you don’t have the knowledge that ” the blessing of the Lord Jesus alone brings wealth and He adds no troube to it”,you may happen to suffer out of poverty.(After Proverbs 10:22).Amen & Amen.



One week before corona lockdown 1 was coming to an end, liquer shops were opened in a State in India. Social distancing norms were destroyed by drunked people.That State which was 4th in rank possessing number of COVID 19 infected cases now becomes 2nd rank with 50,193 cofimed cases and 576 deaths.The Bible says:”Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise”(Proverbs 20: 1).

Early identification and early treatment of the viral pathogen will reduce mortality rate.These would also curb the increase in positive cases and critical cases.

Asymptomatic careers are the most dangerous categories in spreading the disease silently among the population.

As pointed out by US offïcials, it is a double edged sword. The alarming increase in number of covid 19 positive cases may upset the Leaders of the Nations because of vote bank associated politics.The Nations may also become upset- but we have to accept the fact for quicker remedy.

Studies concerned with mode of transmission of this virus from asymptomatic carrier to common uninfected man should be conducted on top priority and based on the outcome,strategies to curb the transmission route may be undertaken.Through diplomatic routes,dependable results can also be shared among Nations.

In India,members and relatives of COVID -19 recovered patients may be concentrated for finding the asymptomatic careers.Gentle approach with nil regimentation and volentary approach may be encouraged by establishing exclusive counter for this purpose by National and State level Health centers.

Since the Government resources are limited,friendly approach through reputed Biotechnology Laboratories may be attempted with appropriate funding support,encouragement and strict Biosafety protocol.

To begin with, 13 most affected cities of 5 States may be chosen.

Wild fire can be quenched ,if found early and immediately acted prudently.Similler mode of operation for this viral pathogen also.Every nation should have a talented surveillance force to deal with biological warfare of such kind.May our Lord save this world from this pandemic.Amen and Amen.


The fear of the Lord is the begining of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction (Proverbs 1:7).To fear the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behaviour and perverse speech(Proverbs 8:13 ).The fear of the Lord is to do justice and be fair in all your activities.

Wisdom is supreme- so get wisdom.And whatever else you get, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7 ).

If you lack knowledge in honoring your Father and Mother your longevity is lost (Matthew 15:4).Jesus loves your family life.If you don’t maintain a happy family for glorifying Him – because of lack of knowledge, destruction in your life comes in.

The basic knowledge of a common Christian is, don’t get locked into uneven yoke in your family life.If you are a born again baptised christian,with anointing of Holy Spirit,you look for a spouse with equal footing.Your wedding knot should be filled with love among the three: your self; your life partner andJesus Christ.The peace of mind in your family life should not be destroyed because of the lack of knowledge of this kind.

Indians have the habit of getting dowry from bride’s house.For a Christian, it is a curse.Matrimony market should not become a cattle market.Lack of knowledge in this sphere will lead into bitter married life and ultimately towards destruction (Divorce etc).

Children from separated families face quite a lot of hardships,and lack of Christian love in the family will make the children to grow as criminals/ anti social elements in the long run.

O Parents,you have to love your Children next to God.In a Christ centered family, children are taken care of very well and they become strong pillers of the Nation.Children are a heritage from the Lord , offspring a reward from Him (Psalms 127: 3).

In Tamil language,there is a proverb equivalent to this:If you don’t correct your son / daughter at the age of 5, you can not correct them when they are 50 years old.Bible verses emphasise on disciplining your child,when he is young.

The Judiciery and the Government should not come in between an erring child and a gently correcting father in a Christ centred family.Parents should dedicate themselves and pray for their children day and night,so that they should not err.Once in a way,fasting prayer will be useful.Parents should be a role model to their children.

Teach your child about God’s words and Bible stories.Teach him/her how to talk with God (through prayer) and how to hear His voice(through meditation of God’s words.)If you have lack of knowledge in handling your child when he is young,destruction will come through your son by way of smoking,drinking ,adultary etc.How can a young man keep his way pure?By guarding it according to His words.(Psalms 119:9).

Amen & Amen .


When there is a turmoil and upheavel in a location, God’s children should leave the place immediately. The world may call this as cowardness.It is another way of managing the situation. A hero need not always stand in front line, as wrongly depicted in cinema .

Our divine Master (Jesus) didn’t want to die at that spot -because it was not our Heavenly Father’s appointed time for crucification.When there was a much precious need to shed His Holy Blood in the cross, He didn’t want to die early. Hence,Jesus was hidden and went out. (John 8:59).The Lord who created the universe (Jesus) was meaningfully handling the situation.

Emotion and emotion based action may make a man take wrong decision. Idle mind is devil’s work shop.Youths with immense energy at times feel difficult with out any work in lock down period. We have seen such people going against curfew and got punished by Police.

We have to learn how to control our “spirit “.Like a city whose walls are broken is a man who has no control over his spirit (Proverbs 25:28).Surely the meek alone will inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5).

Emotions always will mislead us.In the guise of patriotism, we should not develop hatred over our “enemy” country. Love one another. It’s God’s typical fruit and major commandment.

At times, when wrong thing happen, just like Elisha we should not ask God to send Bear to destroy the erring persons.That may be Old Testament “spirit ” which our Lord Jesus didn’t like.Jesus rebuked His disciples and told, “Beware of what spirit you have “.Jesus projected only the spirit of love .In the cross also Jesus prayed to His Heavenly Father to forgive the people who killed Him.

Love your “enemies”. If two hands dash against each other, sound is produced .If you withdraw one of your hands’ support, there won’t be out break of turmoil. Satan will be defeated. Satan alone should be our only enemy .

Forgive each other ‘seventy times seven times'(490 times/unlimited times).(Matthew 18:22).The Lord’s Prayer also tells us, “Forgive us our trespasses,as we forgive those who trespass against us “.

Every plant not planted by my Heavenly Father will be pulled up by the roots.(Matthew 15:13).You will know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:16). Guard your heart with all diligence,for from it flow “SPRINGS OF LIFE”(Proverb 4:23), and not at all riots and blood shed.

Amen and Amen.


When I was 33 years old, I was attending an inaugural function of a Mangroves project at Ranong, Thailand.Scientists from over 20 countries participated in the program arranged in a star Hotel. Each member was introduced by the Chief to the participants.

Followed by the introduction, the participants should sing a song of his / her choice for entertaining the gathering.My turn had arrived. I stood up and told, “I don’t know any song”.The gathering gave me tips by telling many Hindi cinema songs, but in vain.

At last I told about a song,which was taught to me when I attended the Sunday school .They gave me permission. The song I sang was given below :

“O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder “

When I was singing the line ,”Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee” in high pitch ,the Spirit of the Living God helped me to glorify His name and His name alone. The musician also quickly picked up the tune and helped me a lot. Two people appreciated my song & singing.One was a Senior Scientist with motherly affection and another one was a T. V. Singer.

“You have made my glory to sing unto You and girded me with gladness “.(After Psalm 30:11-Based on Tamil Version). Amen and Amen.