Recently,an entrepreneur who was very famous in manufacturing a sweet (HALWA) in South India commited suicide, since he proved positive for corona virus.

Corona virus didn’t kill him, but the fear over the disease killed him.People who attained fame in one sphere did not get the needed courage to live.O Children of God, you try to live under divine protection.

God’s words are equivalent to God.They are very powerful. Believe in them and get the needed

protection from the Cross.The resurrection power of Jesus will quicken you certainly.

1)First of all,you claim God’s promise given in Psalm 91: 7.”A thousand may fall at YOUR side, ten thousand at YOUR right hand, but it will not come near YOU”. You proclaim God’s promise meant for you by replacing the words “YOUR” by “MY” and “YOU” as “ME”.

2)The second promise you have to claim and confess by your mouth is: ” Because I have made the Lord Jesus who is my refuge,even the most high my habitation, there shall no evil befall me,neither shall any plague (including COVID- 19) come near my dwelling(After Psalm 91: 9 & 10 ).

When we confess,the word of God starts working.It is not the confession of sin, but it is the confession of faith.It is the confession of God’s promise made specifically towards me(REMA).

3)The knowledge of this virus by the medical fraternity and the National Leaders was very poor five months before and hence it is easier for the doctors to take care of my problem right now.(At the begining of the outbreak one National Leader commented that it was just immuity deficiency related problem).Nations rush to make ventilators and ICU set ups to handle critically ill patients-before knowing the role of blood clot in this disease.

4)Thank God,after finding the use of Aspirin,Dexamethasone and the only effective antiviral drug- Favipiravir(FABIFLU),the medication charges for one patient has been reduced to Rs 12000/(Less than 160 US $ per patient for 13 days of treatment),the present death rate of 5.06 percent of covid positive patient will come down to almost nil in the days to come.So no need of worry and no need of suicide out of fear.Remember,as on 25/6/2020 only a fraction of global population(0.125 percent) is affected by covid-19.

5)The virus affected the urban population much.In USA,New York and New Jersey were the States severely affected.Similrly in India,13 cities in 4 States accounted for majority (83.63 percent )of covid cases.Therefore,rest of the population can dwell with ease but with utmost vigil.

Fear was the weapon satan used in Job’s life to destroy his family members-vide Job 3:25). “Fear not”

is mentioned in the Bible 365 times.This should be more than enough to keep you fearless through out the year.

Don’t talk negative things about death/corona virus-because our words matter for God to act(Proverbs 18:21).Amen & Amen.

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