When I was at 8 years old,my Co- Brother and myself went to our Grandmother to get permission to see a historical film, which was in our syllabus.My Grandma gave permission. That was the first film in my life time. That incident happened during the year 1963.

The second film I saw was at the age of 17.In my college days, two friends took me to nearly 200 films in a span of two years. My marks in the University exams started declining. I was compelled to take immersion baptism in a Pentecostal convention. I was lured by my parent to get one white pant and white shirt. I agreed for baptism in a jovial fashion with out knowing the seriousness of the sacrament.

Next week end came. My friends asked me to accompany with them for cinema. I told them, I cannot. I told, “Even if you give me 1 crore Rupees and compel me, I cannot see a fim”. The change happened internally in me since l fufilled His righteousness, by taking a simple dip in water for few seconds by a holy priest. In God’s presence I declare, I have’t gone to a cinema theatre for the past 48 years.

When billions of Christians are struggling hard to understand this miracle, I enjoy by fulfilling His righteousness. (Mathew 3:15). Where there is God’s spirit ,there is deliverancce.

“Let it be so now “, like this you tell like Jesus and allow this very small event to happen in your life. You will enjoy God’s mighty hand in delivering you from sinful life. This divine way will be difficult for you to understand, just like myself also. But taste and see that the Lord is truly good. This small event changed my career completely and took me to sit along with elite and wise people. By God’s grace I served as Member /Chairman of 44 Research Advisory Committees in three professional universities.Amen and Amen.


Generally I don’t like feast. I remember John the Baptist’s removal of head in a birthday banquet (Mark 6:21-29). We like simple food. Occasionally we take mutton or chicken in our meal(once in a month or two), in the form of Biriyani /Ghee Rice in marriage parties /hotels. Around 33.33 percent of sin of Sodom was attributed as, fullness of bread /overfeeding (Ezekiel 16:49).

I recall a Pentecostal Pastor’s remarks about an ideal quantity of food intake by a believer -Half stomach filled with food and the rest of the half with water- which may not coincide with scientific principles. That Pastor did not take even Paracetamol for his head ache for the past 60 years. (I don’t advocate any risky path to the common Readers,in this era of corona virus pandemic.People with special calling alone can survive such survival test(Matthew 19:12)).

.One day I was watching a Christian TV program in a local channel.One Godly man was preaching about Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan. David ordered Mephibosheth royal dinner in the Palace always(2nd Samuel 9:6 &7).The Godly man who is delivering the message in the TV program told wittily and prophetically :”God is going to bless someone with Royal food like Mephibosheth”.I said Amen. I started counting the rich foods God had given from the next day onwards(mostly mutton biriyani /ghee rice). The period coincided with my wife’s Ph.D examination.In God’s presence, I tell you the truth : God gave me 14 richest food in a span of 30days.Thereafter,I started believing in prophetic words.

When I was working as Professor and Head in Aquaculture department, in a professional university, by God’s grace I had been awarded FAO fellowship to undergo a training program in Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, UK. I was attached with Vaccine production unit.Monoclonal Antibody Production techniques were taught. One day the Veterinary Doctor of that Institution took me to a Trout fish farm. It was located adjacent to a stream flowing from an elivated place. I was asking the Farm Manager and the Veterinary Doctor, -“What would happen if there was flood?”They smiled and told there was no such flood in that area. After two months, when I was given farewell, the Veterinary Doctor told that after 75 years the fish farm area was affected by a severe flood.

I learnt a lesson on that day; we have to be careful about our words and that should not affect others(even though God honors the words of His children). Amen and Amen.


Mary had chosen the right thing. And the “chosen thing” can not be taken away from her. That “one thing” which is much needed chosen by Mary is the thing we should ponder on. That “one thing” can make us peaceful,happy, prosperous and healthy. That “one thing”will make the “Provider”to provide you all heavenly and worldly riches.That “one thing” will make your path (life path) sweet and sober minded.

If you choose the “only one thing” rightly, you will become great in your life. Our Lord will make you great in your life if you choose the right thing and give priority to that thing.

In this world we are running here and there, sheding the curse of sweat in this world and harvesting the thorns and thistles,because we have forgotten to rightly choose the “only one thing”, which is the most essential one in our day to day life.


His very presence is a delight to His children. This will provide the much needed energy to run the day successfully.Impossible things can be achieved at ease if you enjoy His presence in your daily life.

Sitting nearer to His feet and walking along with Him are wonderful experience of a child of God, reflecting true and pure divine love between the Father and son/daughter.The most valuable thing in this world for a child of God is – enjoying our Lord’s presence.

The Word of Jehovah which created the universe and the earth, is Jesus Christ. If you are sitting nearer to His feet, you are charged with Heavenly power. That mighty power makes life easier for you in this cursed world with full of pestilence, fear of death, poverty and wickedness. His very presence in your life will give you enormous strength to lead a successful life in this world.

The word of God is the most powerful weapon against your enemy-the Satan. It’s a double edged sword. It’s a delight. It will quicken you /preserve your life. It’s a lamp unto your feet and light unto your path. It will make you holy.

The voice of the Lord is most powerful. It is glorious and thunder like. The voice of the Lord is holy and splendorous. The voice of the Lord is full of majesty. The voice of the Lord is full of beauty and holiness. The voice of the Lord is filled with mightyness.The voice of the Lord gives you strength, peace and abundance of blessings.

Only one thing is necessary in your life. Sit at the feet of Jesus and hear His mighty words and voice. This is more than sufficient unto you and me to lead a majestic,victorious and royal life like Him.

This will bring you answer /solution to all your day to day problems. The word of God teaches you what the divine love is. It will provide you the needed food for your soul, life and living. (Vide :Psalms 29&119 and 1st Corinthians :13).

Through prayer you can talk to God. Through His Holy words He will talk to you and answer your prayers. Two ways of communication with God is through prayer and meditating upon God’s words.Early morning is the best time to communicate with God. But you should have communion with Lord God and Jesus always like Enoch with God and Jesus Christ with Heavenly Father. Amen and Amen.


I know an author of a book entitled “How to live up-to 100 years” in Tamil. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 50.

Our God is not a man, that He should lie (Numbers 23:19 ; Hebrews 6:18 & Titus 1:2,3).

As on 7-5-2020 data, one person out of 200 persons is affected by corona virus in this world. If the Lord’s people claim the promise given for them (Rema) in Psalms 91:7,even if 10,000 people in this world are affected by corona virus, you are not going to be affected. So claim this promise and be safe.

At the same time, you obey your Government ‘s orders in toto, with out taking any risk. God never wants His children to be affected by the pestilence. He will keep you safe as the apple of His eye.

I prefer myself to be saved in a superior manner -just like the apple of His eye (Zechariah 2:8) and not as the apple of my eye (Psalms17:8 & Proverbs 7:2).He has engraved me in His palm (Isaiah 49:16) and hence will certainly save me.

Our Lord God looks for Abraham like saints to be developed for fellowship with Him (Genesis 18:23 to 32).If the link is established, you and I can save the people of the world from alarming death rate and bring down the percentage infection from the present level of 0.49 percent to nil.


Moreover, all the promises of God Jehovah are through Jesus Christ for you and me as YES and AMEN in Him (After 2nd Corinthians 1:20).Amen and Amen.


As on date(3-5-2020), due to corona virus caused calamity, 2.48 lake souls passed away cumulatively.The global death of human beings is increasing in a rapid manner from a mere 3285 numbers on 4-3-2020 to 245310 numbers in two months period (3-5-2020).Nearly 75 times (7500 percent) growth in death rate in just 2 months. Let us pray for the souls to rest in peace .

Around 21.61 lakh people are undergoing the sufferings of corona virus globally. Among the sufferers,about half a lakh patients are critically ill and struggling for their lives. Let us pray earnestly for the suffering patients and people in ICUs and with ventilator support. Let us pray with tears, fasting and with broken & contrite heart (Psalms 51:17) to our Lord God and Jesus Christ through the Holy Friend to comfort the kith and kins/relations of the berieved family.

What good is it, if you have faith but no deeds? (James 2:14).Therefore, wherever possible, help the suffering families with pure and divine love(1 Timothy 1:5).When doing so,be prudent. Our Lord’s words asked us to be like a dove in innocence and wise as serpents(Mattthew10:16), so that, your help may reach the targeted group. NGOs like Red Cross are good enough.

God has given pleasures of life to enjoy. But when we cross the limit stipulated by God, they become sin and curse.

The global statement /definition of pleasure is completely different from the biblical view point. Philanthropists at the helm of Social Media affairs should note that people are not looking greedily for your dole money. Instead, you please make small adjustment in cutting the extra part of cyber-crime games, pornography and abuse of media by the sex workers in the guise of friendship.

These aspects make people, especially youths ,to become addicted for such abominations.Ultimately, these things afftect the immune system and healthy Christ centered family life.

Evil thoughts enter through our eyes into our mind. In the mind it undergoes metamorphosis to produce sin. When the sin conquers our body and mind, we are spiritually dead (After James 1:14 &15).

O Media of modern times, please don’t be a facilitator for the evil thoughts /lust to enter into the minds of the society /youths/happy God given family.

The sufferings of corona virus and the aftermath of corona curfew may produce character. Character will produce hope. Hope will not put us to shame,because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Friend in us(After Roman’s 5:3-5).

Let’s not judge others. If so we will not be judged. Let us self examine our well-being /ill-being in this crucial moment of life and take a small step towards goodness of the society.

Once again a humble request to entrepreneurs and philanthropist. Your dole money may not help the global society in real terms. Use the God given light – your conscience and set right the 0.1 percent aberration that happened in the media, boldly and courageously for the sake of God, youth-the future pillars of the society – and happy God centered family .

Let you be known by the fruits your social media yield and built to the healthiness of the society. Take Galatians 5:19-23 as a base to set right your standards. Don’t allow just a little dead fly to contaminate enormous benefits of social media yielded to the wellness of humans(After Ecclesiastes 10:1).

Take this small step and enjoy heavenly and earthly blessings to surround you bountifully.God’s blessings alone will make you rich and prosper and the pain of curse will not be with it.

If you see a man diligent in his business, he will stand before kings(and also before ‘King of Kings’); he shall not stand before mean men(After Proverbs 22:29).Amen and Amen.