Mary had chosen the right thing. And the “chosen thing” can not be taken away from her. That “one thing” which is much needed chosen by Mary is the thing we should ponder on. That “one thing” can make us peaceful,happy, prosperous and healthy. That “one thing”will make the “Provider”to provide you all heavenly and worldly riches.That “one thing” will make your path (life path) sweet and sober minded.

If you choose the “only one thing” rightly, you will become great in your life. Our Lord will make you great in your life if you choose the right thing and give priority to that thing.

In this world we are running here and there, sheding the curse of sweat in this world and harvesting the thorns and thistles,because we have forgotten to rightly choose the “only one thing”, which is the most essential one in our day to day life.


His very presence is a delight to His children. This will provide the much needed energy to run the day successfully.Impossible things can be achieved at ease if you enjoy His presence in your daily life.

Sitting nearer to His feet and walking along with Him are wonderful experience of a child of God, reflecting true and pure divine love between the Father and son/daughter.The most valuable thing in this world for a child of God is – enjoying our Lord’s presence.

The Word of Jehovah which created the universe and the earth, is Jesus Christ. If you are sitting nearer to His feet, you are charged with Heavenly power. That mighty power makes life easier for you in this cursed world with full of pestilence, fear of death, poverty and wickedness. His very presence in your life will give you enormous strength to lead a successful life in this world.

The word of God is the most powerful weapon against your enemy-the Satan. It’s a double edged sword. It’s a delight. It will quicken you /preserve your life. It’s a lamp unto your feet and light unto your path. It will make you holy.

The voice of the Lord is most powerful. It is glorious and thunder like. The voice of the Lord is holy and splendorous. The voice of the Lord is full of majesty. The voice of the Lord is full of beauty and holiness. The voice of the Lord is filled with mightyness.The voice of the Lord gives you strength, peace and abundance of blessings.

Only one thing is necessary in your life. Sit at the feet of Jesus and hear His mighty words and voice. This is more than sufficient unto you and me to lead a majestic,victorious and royal life like Him.

This will bring you answer /solution to all your day to day problems. The word of God teaches you what the divine love is. It will provide you the needed food for your soul, life and living. (Vide :Psalms 29&119 and 1st Corinthians :13).

Through prayer you can talk to God. Through His Holy words He will talk to you and answer your prayers. Two ways of communication with God is through prayer and meditating upon God’s words.Early morning is the best time to communicate with God. But you should have communion with Lord God and Jesus always like Enoch with God and Jesus Christ with Heavenly Father. Amen and Amen.

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