If you have lack of knoledge in seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness first, you will be wanting in all your needs, poor health,lack of success in your work/job, scarcity in all your resources and lack of prosperity in your life (After Matthews 6:33).

Therefore give priority to the Lord Jesus and His work, and your capacity will automatically grow with God’s blessing.Our Lord will start blessing all your work abundantly and fulfill His promise.

You should not have lack of knowledge regarding your diet and dressing.Take nutritious diet and your dressing code should be equivalent to that of King’s people.You are children of the King of Kings.If you dwell before the Lord Jesus always,you will eat sufficiently and wear durable clothings (After Isaiah 23:18).

Plenty of Christian families are destroyed due to lack of knowledge in nutrition.A poultry layer unit owner died out of heart attack, because he regularly took slightly damaged hen’s eggs,to avoid wastage.Hen’s egg yolk (yellow portion) contains very high level of cholesterol- ultimately leading to heart attack.

Daniel and his team preferred vegetarian diet(Daniel 1:12).Avoid wine.Prefer tea rather than coffee.Green tea with lemon will keep you slim.Kudampuli- a sour spice used in curry making by Keralites,(Garcinia campogia)has the potential to reduce the triglyceride level of your blood.This in turn keeps you away from heart attack and avoid obesity.

Avoid smoking and use of tobacco.Saturated fatty acids rich oil sources(Eg. Palm oil and Coconut oil) are not at all good for cooking purpose and for people with heart problem.Virgin olive oil is good but costly.Soy bean oil is good for health.Safflower oil blended with corn oil is good for heart patients as well for family people.Safflower oil is rich in omega 6 fatty acids.

Take as much as possible the sardines and herrings (only in curry form and not in deep fried form),which are cheap,small in size but blessed with omega 3 fatty acids,which are very essential for our health.Flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and provide n6:n3 ratio of around 0.3:1.But flax seeds are costly.

Fiber rich food items are always good.Take wheat based food items.Add little quantity of fenugreek in your diet,because it is rich in soluble fiber.Avoid maida based food items like white bread and parotta/parantha.Take plenty of low calories fruits.Bible teaches us not to take too much oil in diet.

One of the three sins of Sodom is “Over feeding”(Ezekial 16:49 &50).Over feedig will lead to abundance of idleness. Idle mind is devil’s workshop.Avoid carbonated drinks.Taking carbonated drinks lead to obesity.Avoid taking snacks rich in oil in bulk quntities,to avoid obesity

Followed by frequent fasting,the heavy dinner taken will lead to obesity and belly development.Exercise will reduce the fatty layers of the belly.Early morning meditation is always good.The Bridegroom is always with us.

If you lead a Christ centered life with your spouse,she will be like a spiritual fruit bearing tree and your children like young olive trees adjacent to the living streams and will bring peace of mind and plenty of blessings to you (After Psalms 128:3).

If you don’t have the knowledge that ” the blessing of the Lord Jesus alone brings wealth and He adds no troube to it”,you may happen to suffer out of poverty.(After Proverbs 10:22).Amen & Amen.

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