Generally I don’t like feast. I remember John the Baptist’s removal of head in a birthday banquet (Mark 6:21-29). We like simple food. Occasionally we take mutton or chicken in our meal(once in a month or two), in the form of Biriyani /Ghee Rice in marriage parties /hotels. Around 33.33 percent of sin of Sodom was attributed as, fullness of bread /overfeeding (Ezekiel 16:49).

I recall a Pentecostal Pastor’s remarks about an ideal quantity of food intake by a believer -Half stomach filled with food and the rest of the half with water- which may not coincide with scientific principles. That Pastor did not take even Paracetamol for his head ache for the past 60 years. (I don’t advocate any risky path to the common Readers,in this era of corona virus pandemic.People with special calling alone can survive such survival test(Matthew 19:12)).

.One day I was watching a Christian TV program in a local channel.One Godly man was preaching about Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan. David ordered Mephibosheth royal dinner in the Palace always(2nd Samuel 9:6 &7).The Godly man who is delivering the message in the TV program told wittily and prophetically :”God is going to bless someone with Royal food like Mephibosheth”.I said Amen. I started counting the rich foods God had given from the next day onwards(mostly mutton biriyani /ghee rice). The period coincided with my wife’s Ph.D examination.In God’s presence, I tell you the truth : God gave me 14 richest food in a span of 30days.Thereafter,I started believing in prophetic words.

When I was working as Professor and Head in Aquaculture department, in a professional university, by God’s grace I had been awarded FAO fellowship to undergo a training program in Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, UK. I was attached with Vaccine production unit.Monoclonal Antibody Production techniques were taught. One day the Veterinary Doctor of that Institution took me to a Trout fish farm. It was located adjacent to a stream flowing from an elivated place. I was asking the Farm Manager and the Veterinary Doctor, -“What would happen if there was flood?”They smiled and told there was no such flood in that area. After two months, when I was given farewell, the Veterinary Doctor told that after 75 years the fish farm area was affected by a severe flood.

I learnt a lesson on that day; we have to be careful about our words and that should not affect others(even though God honors the words of His children). Amen and Amen.

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