When I was at 8 years old,my Co- Brother and myself went to our Grandmother to get permission to see a historical film, which was in our syllabus.My Grandma gave permission. That was the first film in my life time. That incident happened during the year 1963.

The second film I saw was at the age of 17.In my college days, two friends took me to nearly 200 films in a span of two years. My marks in the University exams started declining. I was compelled to take immersion baptism in a Pentecostal convention. I was lured by my parent to get one white pant and white shirt. I agreed for baptism in a jovial fashion with out knowing the seriousness of the sacrament.

Next week end came. My friends asked me to accompany with them for cinema. I told them, I cannot. I told, “Even if you give me 1 crore Rupees and compel me, I cannot see a fim”. The change happened internally in me since l fufilled His righteousness, by taking a simple dip in water for few seconds by a holy priest. In God’s presence I declare, I have’t gone to a cinema theatre for the past 48 years.

When billions of Christians are struggling hard to understand this miracle, I enjoy by fulfilling His righteousness. (Mathew 3:15). Where there is God’s spirit ,there is deliverancce.

“Let it be so now “, like this you tell like Jesus and allow this very small event to happen in your life. You will enjoy God’s mighty hand in delivering you from sinful life. This divine way will be difficult for you to understand, just like myself also. But taste and see that the Lord is truly good. This small event changed my career completely and took me to sit along with elite and wise people. By God’s grace I served as Member /Chairman of 44 Research Advisory Committees in three professional universities.Amen and Amen.

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