I am going to narrate about an incident that happened when I was 11 years old.(Now I am 65 years “young”). This had happened in a village near Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu,South India.
I used to go to a small farm house in that village to fetch a cup of goat milk (does/nannies).The mother of that family (non-christian) used to give us 100 percent pure milk with no adulteration.
Normally, I used to pray while I pray.Besides that, I used to talk with Jesus (one way only)-not like Enoch- but just like a child talking with his/her father.If there’s no matter to talk I will praise Him.The God Lord Jesus talks to me when I meditate upon the Holy Word of God (Bible).
I will never restrict myself talking with God only to “prayer time”.
After 7 years,at the age of 18,I was attending a Pentecostal Convention conducted in a small town 25km away from Tuticorin.I was shocked to see the entire family already saved by the Holy Blood of Jesus.On that day that mother’s beloved daughter was taking immersion baptism.
Simeon ,an old man when seeing Jesus for the first time,he felt immense joy and shouted to the Lord Jehovah,”My eyes have seen your SALVATION”(Luke 2:30).
As a young man,on that day ,my soul rejoiced in a similar way thanking our Lord Jesus for honoring a 11years old boy’s wishes (and not even prayer).
After He (Jesus) has suffered,He will see the LIGHT OF LIFE and be SATISFIED. (Isiah 53:11).Amen Amen.


Christians should pray to our Lord God to deliver the people suffering from diseases, especially the emerging pandemic disease like Corona virus.
Prayer means, requesting our Heavenly Father Jehovah to do certain favour for the suffering people of the world….. . and for you & your loved ones.
A famous preacher from Tamil Nadu gave a tips for the quality check of our prayers.Faith in God by a common man is like cat on the wall.Our Lord Jesus told about perfect faith, even in small quantities, like”mustard seed size”.
When you pray for a non-relative of yours,if you encounter tears of concern, then the Holy Friend in you (Holy Spirit in your heart) is interceding for you through wordless groaning to Heavenly Father through the Lord Jesus Christ(Romans 8:26).This prayer alone is very valuable in God’s sight, bring ing instant healing.
No common man will do such prayer of concern and in most cases such prayer will be a mere lip service with pompous words/ attractive phrase- but with little faith.People who hears such prayer may appreciate you for your vocabulary- but of little use.
Oneness in spirit is the key secret behind God answering our prayers.Holy Spirit filled prayer with real concern and tears is the need of the hour.Please don’t think that our Pastor/Worker will take care of such prayer in the fasting meeting.
Common believers like you and I should do such supplications with real connectivity with God, with the help of Holy Spirit (Mark 16: 17 & 18).
If you pray for your fellow citizen, God will answer your prayer, besides assuring you divine protection according to the Divine principle depicted in Job 42:10.
Let us also pray God for refugee camps of Turkey with plenty of Syrian refugees.There are plenty of children in such camps,who do not know the difference between their right and left hand (Jonah 4:11).The United Nations & the WHO should also give utmost concern to protect these people from Corona Virus attack.
Rationality in thinking will throw some light on the truth.Among the Global population of around 7.7billion, this Corona virus infected 182723 people, spread over 108 days.(From 1-12-2019 to till date-19/3/2020).A total of 0.000093 percent of Global population have been infected in108days.On the other hand 157 countries out of 195 countries in the world got this Corona Virus infection in108days(80.5percent of the countries in the world got infection).
There seem to be a mis-match in the above said percentage.A normal virulent viral pathogen will not invade in such fashion.Some antisocial elements could have introduced this virus through some noval means to gain pandemic status to this pathogen.Some prophets speculate economic looting of one by the person/Nation.
Remember the story of Babel tower in Genesis 11:1-9. Our Lord reigns( Psalms 99:1). Nations with greater ambition to become powerful through crucked and cruel means will be dealt with accordingly by our Lord Jesus.
Here are some words of God, which assure you against pestilence, accidents and disasters.
1) Psalms 91:10.
2) Jehovah Rapha- The healer divine.
3)He is our divine Doctor.
4) With His stripes we will be headed (Isiah 53:5).
5) The Holy blood of Jesus shed on the cross will keep us safe.Amen.Amen.


“Jehovah the Sovereign God through our Lord Jesus Christ will guard you from stumbling and present you before His glorious presence with out fault /flaw and with great joy”.Amen.
(Amalgamated from different English translation-but I prefer the one-Tamil King James version.)
Why is this word very special to me?
Adam and Eve were thrown out of Garden of Eden.
Cain became a murderer by killing his own brother out of jealous.
Moses could not enter into Canaan due to his anger.
Uzzah died suddenly by touching the box of covanent.
Solomon’s wisdom did not save him, even amidst writing three wonderful books in Holy Bible.
People who shouted Hosanna were not present to witness the scenes of Calvary the next week.
Jesus’ sacrifice in the Calvary brings plenty of ‘GRACE’ towards humanity for salvation.Even amidst such abundance of Grace, in His second coming, one man in the field will be saved and the other man will be unsaved.
Even if I jump 99.999 percent diameter of a well , what is the use?
Therefore,I will run the race with 100 percent assurance to win.I fight thus-not beating the air(1st Corinthians 9:26).
For this very purpose you and I need this promise.
Life and death are in the command of our tongue.(Proverbs 18:21).


Cherubim and Seraphim chant the word ‘holy’ , ‘holy’ , ‘holy’ and praise the Jehovah God in the heaven.Such a mighty and holy God sent His only son Jesus to this world to save me and you.Heavenly Father gave Jesus as a living sacrifice in the cross, to redeem me from all sins and to reveal His ULTIMATE LOVE towards the mankind.

Though our Lord Jesus is from above and not of this world, nobody can prove Him guilty of sin(John8:46).

However the answer to the moot point is:”Jesus was in all points tempted like as we are,”YET WITH OUT SIN”.(Hebrews 4:15).

Such a Holy Jesus Himself, the Leader Divine “SACINCTIFIED HIMSELF”, so that His disciples may be sanctified (John 17:19).

Oh,Leaders of the families, you ‘sanctify yourself’ with the sprinkled Holy Blood of Jesus- which speaks good of you, because of abundance of grace.By doing so, your family & home will transform into Heaven with joy, happiness, peace, with a good one time wife & children with His choicest blessings.(Psalms 127:4-6; Proverbs 31:10-31 and Psalms 128:1-6).

Oh Leaders of various organizations/companies/ institutions/ industries, you sanctify yourself like Jesus did, so that your fellow workers may transform into efficient work force, and ultimately into a very productive unit.

Oh Leaders of the Nations,you sanctify yourself-just like our Holy Jesus did,so that your every citizen may also be sanctified to transform your country into a paradise – not necessarily as super power.Amen.

Give Her The Fruits of Her Hands(Proverbs 31:31).

(Continuity of my WOMEN’S DAY write up)

Oh Leaders of Christian families, give her the fruit of her hands.Give her good food, good clothes, good shelter, peace & happiness.She is delicate and fragile.Give respect to her sentiments.SHE+YOU+JESUS=Three knots in your family life will give everlasting life.No more diverse.No more broken family. No more generation of anti-social elements.

Oh Leaders of various organizations (including institutions, industries etc),give her the fruit of her hands.Then, your organization will grow strong day by day.There will be no more recession in your business.Your organization will shine in the global arena.Bribery and fraudulent according will vanish.Cordial atmosphere will surround your fast growing organization.

Oh Leaders of Nations, give her the fruit of her hands.Then your Nation will cherish.She will bring forth good citizens for your Nation.Amen.