Give Her The Fruits of Her Hands(Proverbs 31:31).

(Continuity of my WOMEN’S DAY write up)

Oh Leaders of Christian families, give her the fruit of her hands.Give her good food, good clothes, good shelter, peace & happiness.She is delicate and fragile.Give respect to her sentiments.SHE+YOU+JESUS=Three knots in your family life will give everlasting life.No more diverse.No more broken family. No more generation of anti-social elements.

Oh Leaders of various organizations (including institutions, industries etc),give her the fruit of her hands.Then, your organization will grow strong day by day.There will be no more recession in your business.Your organization will shine in the global arena.Bribery and fraudulent according will vanish.Cordial atmosphere will surround your fast growing organization.

Oh Leaders of Nations, give her the fruit of her hands.Then your Nation will cherish.She will bring forth good citizens for your Nation.Amen.

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