I am going to narrate about an incident that happened when I was 11 years old.(Now I am 65 years “young”). This had happened in a village near Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu,South India.
I used to go to a small farm house in that village to fetch a cup of goat milk (does/nannies).The mother of that family (non-christian) used to give us 100 percent pure milk with no adulteration.
Normally, I used to pray while I pray.Besides that, I used to talk with Jesus (one way only)-not like Enoch- but just like a child talking with his/her father.If there’s no matter to talk I will praise Him.The God Lord Jesus talks to me when I meditate upon the Holy Word of God (Bible).
I will never restrict myself talking with God only to “prayer time”.
After 7 years,at the age of 18,I was attending a Pentecostal Convention conducted in a small town 25km away from Tuticorin.I was shocked to see the entire family already saved by the Holy Blood of Jesus.On that day that mother’s beloved daughter was taking immersion baptism.
Simeon ,an old man when seeing Jesus for the first time,he felt immense joy and shouted to the Lord Jehovah,”My eyes have seen your SALVATION”(Luke 2:30).
As a young man,on that day ,my soul rejoiced in a similar way thanking our Lord Jesus for honoring a 11years old boy’s wishes (and not even prayer).
After He (Jesus) has suffered,He will see the LIGHT OF LIFE and be SATISFIED. (Isiah 53:11).Amen Amen.

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