The corona virus spread is being contained by way of social distancing.
Home quarantine /home curfew is imposed by many nations, spread over a month or so.
Common man who is workaholic to earn money, by having little concern for home to make happy is now disarrayed with little peace. In Australia also, such cases are being reported. U.S.A.may undergo such problem in the days to come,following home quarantine.
A prudent man will make his house as heavenly according to Bible principles explained above. (Refer Part 1 of this article).Some tips are also given herewith as a divine procedure.
(1).Have faith in the God Jehovah and Lord Jesus Christ.
(2). Let the Holy Friend (Holy Spirit)of Jesus Christ dwell in you always and guide you .
(3).Love God and love your fellow men(Mathew 22:37 and 39).
(4).Whoever keeps His command will come to no harm(Ecclesiastes 8:5).
(5). Your relationship with others should be with integrity and Godly sincerety by His grace(2nd Corinthians 1:12).
(6). God’s commandments may make you fail at least by a fraction, and at that time, we should understand the limitations of our ACTION based HOLYNESS and request God for His ABUNDANCE of GRACE(Psalms 103:11).
(7).Sound economic condition is a must and that DELICATE MATTER should be attained based on God’s principle.(I’m not a worker and the small writing I’m doing to glorify my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ costs Rupees 398/ only (5.32 US $ only per month).
But at the same time, I know for sure that God’s living words can achieve more than what a trillion dollar project can do.
Since I am a member of God’s family/Jesus Christ ‘s family, I do this simple small article writing to add new members to my divine family -absolutely free of cost.
In this context, I admire and follow Abraham’s truthfulness: What would be the cost of a sandal strap? I never allow even such small fraction of money to spoil the reputation I follow towards Jesus and His blessings. (Genesis 14:22).God has blessed me with a six digit pension in Indian Rupee terms per month and I don’t do this article writing as a worker / servant of Christ.
But I give taith to my beloved saints /workers of God, as per Hebrews 7:1-10.
By doing so, God bless me abundantly like Abraham and according to Malachi 3:10.

(8).Be a living epistle. That alone will win souls for Christ.
(9).Be humble with an assurance that you are the children of God and try to reach the souls what God approves.
Heaven is full of happiness. But God wants you to make your family as HEAVEN, so that others will copy your path for establishing a Christ centered peaceful family.
So far (up to 12/4/2020) ,1784915 fellow men have been infected by this virus and 110827 people were dead. Earnestly pray for them with tears, fasting and by filled with Holy Spirit. This will make your praying process simple, effective and meaningful. The Holy Friend in you will pray to your Heavenly Father through Jesus.
Pray for the Government machinery and medical teams involved to protect under His strong and mighty wings. Do what the Government asks you to do. They are also God’s servants according to Romans13:1-4.
But at the same time, don’t forget to call for help from Divine Healer. He is your Jehovah Ralph. By Jesus Christ ‘s stripes you will be healed. No pestilence will enter into your home. (Psalms 91:10).Amen, Amen.

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